Teams and Divisions

Our Lines of Business

Retail Division delivers professional RM service to the enterprise; Reinsurance Division provides reinsurance brokerage services to insurance companies and reinsurance companies; Global Business Division provides (re)insurance service to Korean corporate clients across all lines of business.

Retail 1

Our dedicated teams in the Retail 1 division meet client-specific needs by providing bespoke insurance and risk management solutions. The Retail 1 division works especially closely with major construction companies and project financing institutions who require a high level of professionalism and specialty for their business. Furthermore, we provide innovative solutions in the management of complex risk from the commencement of construction to the actual operational stage, when a client may need to protect across all phases.

MY Lee
Managing Director
Head of Retail 1 Division

Retail 2

The Retail 2 division delivers a powerful and alternative solution to our clients’ risk globally. We pursue the servicing of the client’s global risks such as EAR and operation risk by a client’s single policy, thus leading to a global insurance program in the long-term perspective. Clients benefit from the broking service whether it be from a group personal accident policy or a pharmaceutical product liability protection through our tailored wording solution and risk management. Retail 2 has leading claim consultant and handling capabilities which help our clients recognize our claims services as ‘top-tier’.

YW Son
Managing Director
Head of Retail 2 Division

Retail 3

Retail 3 division provides One-Stop consulting service in terms of risk and insurance service with the conglomerate, large and SME’s concerning the whole spectrum of corporate risk exposures;
Retail 3 division designs the optimized insurance program by thoroughly analyzing a variety of risk exposures in property, liability, logistics and credit etc which the entities are faced with in doing business, gives the claim consulting service in a professional knowledge.

JH Park
Vice President
Head of Retail 3 Division


Our Reinsurance Division is one of the leading providers of reinsurance broking in the Korean market. With more than decade of experience, we have built a business that represents a bond of trust with all lines of reinsurers and insurers in the major global markets. Our talented team assesses complex risks and adapts to market conditions to meet our cedant and insurer’s requirements. Also diversified broking combined with risk management is a critical focus of our business strategy, so as to respond to opportunity in emerging around the world. Our all lines of broking capacity are supportive and reliable to our local & international clients.

DY Yoon
Executive Managing Director
Head of Reinsurance Division

Global Business

Our Global Business Division operates through global networks worldwide, including the Korean Desk in Dubai and Vietnam in association with our alliance broker members. This is to offer a complete range of products to insure against the international business risk of our multinational clients. In addition to worldwide cover in the form of the international program, we are dedicated to support the global players with our inward Facultative and Treaty capacity in the Korean market. Our division is also designed to develop international practice business by supporting local compliance while also seeking capacity providing opportunity to have another synergy effect.

Robin Lee
Head of Global Business Division

Service Quality Control

We place great importance on maintaining a high quality of service being provided to our valued clients. In line with our philosophy, we respect every client’s needs and their demand for fast, quality and smart services. We believe each of our division should maintain high market standards to satisfy our client’s requirements and to keep quality control. This is the reason that the Service Quality Control Division plays an important role in our company to encourage our divisions to operate under our core values and to comply with market practice and regulatory policy. It is our great endeavor to be the most ethical and reliable company in the insurance and reinsurance market.

Harry HC Shin
Executive Managing Director
Head of SQC Division